Hubflow launches new coworking space in Belfast (2020)

Posted by Admin 09.09.20

We are delighted to announce that our new Dublin Road space is open for tours and viewing. Our state-of-the-art Belfast coworking space has taken a unique spin on the growing world of coworking.

This new coworking space is a combination of flexible and permanent desk options. Before Hubflow, this was the ‘Gallery Cafe’. Hubflow has completely revamped the space for a modern, spacious and innovative look.

Creating a coworking space in Belfast was a perfect fit. Now recognised as a strong home to many tech and start-ups businesses, Belfast has become a powerhouse in the tech world! Check our blog on why we chose Belfast as a home for Hubflow.

Hubflow Ground Floor

Aswell as this, the new space will have introductory offers of £75 for a Lite membership and £225 for a dedicated desk plan. Check our prices here

Declan Mellan; MD of Hubflow says:

Managing Director Declan Mellan said reaching this milestone is a huge achievement;


“Getting to this point has been a massive team effort. Our vision was to create a dynamic co-working space that offers amazing value with complete flexibility.”

“Its been tough getting to this point. Yet, during these challenging times, member safety has always been paramount for us. That’s why we have put in place a robust Covid policy that includes heightened cleaning regimes throughout the day. Additionally, hand sanitisation units, air purification systems and temperature checks help this policy.”

“We’re confident our members will feel they are part of a community that is taking things seriously. At the same time, providing a working environment that fosters and promotes business success is important.”

“We’re confident our members will feel they are part of a community that is taking things seriously. At the same time, providing a working environment that fosters and promotes business success is important.”

Evidently, Hubflow has changed the landscape of coworking spaces. It is the fastest-growing space in Belfast. This is due to a unique focus on networking and socialising and a sleek modern look that is unparalleled.

Hubflow Coworking Space Features

There is a surplus of features in Hubflow that help their members develop their career.

Managing director Declan noted that “We have placed a lot of focus on creating a space that lends itself to creativity and collaboration. Having all the beneficial features a coworking space should have, along with some nice additions, was important for us. This, along with our competitive price-point has placed us in a good position.”

  • 2 State-of-the-art meeting room suites
  • Complete Kitchen facilities with dining area for members
  • Outside seating terrace
  • Mezzanine area w/ balcony for private hire. (includes 14 seater conference table, 90″ projector and 18 individual work pods)
  • 40 individual work pods
  • 12 seaters central zone,
  • Standing desk area – ‘The Bar’
  • 70″ retractable TV on the ground floor.
  • 2 private call booths with acoustic foaming
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Printing and scanning facilities
  • Extensive business library

Hubflow is also populated with greenery from top to bottom. This has the aim of “increasing productivity and focus for all members“. Many articles and studies have illustrated the benefits of greenery in the office. Alongside some intriguing modern artwork, Hubflow home a truly 21st-century coworking space.

Hubflow’s plans for the future

Hubflow Adelaide Street (2021)

With the success of their Dublin Road space and rapid growth of their brand awareness, Hubflow plan to expand very soon.

Plans are in the works to open a space on Adelaide Street in April 2021. This space will place a focus on private office suites to fit 3-4 people, thus accompanying start-ups perfectly.

This space will also incorporate that signature Hubflow look that has drawn in members from all types of industries. The future looks bright for Hubflow!

Book your tour online via our website or email info@hubflow.co.uk