Here at Hubflow, our number one priority is ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our members and staff. As a business, we are closely monitoring developments relating to COVID-19 and adhering to all guidance from the UK government, the World Health Organisation and all other relevant authorities pertaining to the prevention and management of the virus. For more information please contact us on 033 0088 7358 or email 

1. In line with government safety measures, the capacity of our space will be reduced to allow for the recommended 6ft distance between each person. In our workspace, members won’t be sat directly beside another person, but spread across the area with a safe 6ft distance between them.

2. Signage will be installed to ensure that everyone knows where they can and can’t sit. Communal areas such as the kitchen will be closely monitored to ensure there is no overcrowding.

3. Increased cleaning will play a big part in our space. Our cleaning staff will be present in the space throughout opening hours, ensuring that all areas are cleaned throughout the day. High touch points will be sanitised more regularly to ensure they can be used safely.

4. Hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities will be available around our space. Members will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly, as well as after visiting higher-touch-point areas. Signage will be installed as reminders to wash your hands, and to identify sanitiser stations.

5. The recommended occupancy for our meeting rooms will be reduced. Recommended occupancy will be clearly signposted in rooms and online when you book. In meeting rooms, we’ll also advise sitting 6ft apart where possible.

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