6 Reasons Why Women in Business are Buying into the Flow at Hubflow 

Posted by Admin 09.09.20

The pandemic is over, working from home is still playing a part for many but the best option for many is blended working, spending time in an office and at home. For small businesses this is more challenging. Having an office is a growing cost, and harder to justify if it is not being used every day, but the flexibility of having a destination that results in a more successful business is very attractive. You can also read our community focus with Stride Design, who told us their favourite things about Hubflow and more about their energised startup. 

Women are becoming a driving force in the shared office space market. Here’s why…

Flexibility. Being able to set your own hours, to go to and from an office when it suits is one of the key elements for women at work. The nature of work for women entrepreneurs and single operators is often flexible, responding to clients and requests throughout the week. Having an office that enables total concentration, and where you can put the hard hours in helps the core business planning and management.

A shared space is a safe space. The front facing door, other people in the building, a central location and hard-wired security systems are reassuring. Getting to know others in Hubflow means leaving a bag at the desk or walking to the bus or train are more secure.

The flow in Hubflow is part of the work experience. Having people to talk to at the coffee bar, or to ask for, or offer a quick bit of advice gives people a sense of a real community. Because it is a real community, where all the workers look out for each other.

Access to the world. Being your own boss is one of the main drivers for women- led start ups and small business owners. And sometimes that means get up and go, out. A walk, a coffee in the café, a visit to the park are often the drivers of blue-sky thinking.

Learning curves. One of the most visible everyday activities in Hubflow is the interaction between different businesses. With IT, HR, Marketing and more, there is expertise there on tap. 

The get up and go. Sometimes it is just great to get out of the house, to leave it all behind and to know that you are going to see and enjoy the company of others. It is that simple.

At Hubflow we have a great mix of people, and a very balanced gender mix. We know people enjoy their work at Hubflow because we ask them, and they tell us, it works. 

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