5 ways a Coworking Space can Grow your Freelance Business

Posted by Admin 09.09.20

Establishing a freelance business can be one of the most challenging and daunting tasks any professional can undertake. You have the skills, the knowledge and a vision for what you want, but there are still inevitable roadblocks in the way. Not only this, but often, freelancers are independent and work almost entirely alone. 

Around 41% of coworking space users are freelancers, and here are 5 reasons why:

A great freelancer needs a great network 

After you establish your vision, your pricing strategy and perfect your craft, the number one thing all freelancers should focus on is building a network. Without this, that feeling of being stuck in the mud will linger and may hold you back. When you build a network, not only do you have a client base, but if you provide a valuable service, then word of mouth advertising will work in your businesses’ favour, 10 times out of 10. 

Coworking spaces are filled to the brim with startups, SME’s and entrepreneurs who have their own business problems. This can be a fantastic entry point for many freelancers who need that extra bit of business and often this will result in a snowball effect whereby your clients bring more clients and then the new clients bring even more clients. You get what we mean.

Invest in your environment

Picture this, you have a home office with a desk with an aesthetic set up. You love the freedom of working when you want, and have the choice to pop in and make yourself lunch, or unwind and watch a bit of telly. Freelancers often work by themselves and only communicate with clients through a computer screen, everyone gets lonely. This is the problem with WFH, over time, you wake up looking at the same four walls, and the lines between home life and work life can get more blurry. 

A coworking space can provide invaluable solutions for these problems and can provide a new and refreshed way of working. No distractions, just a desk where you can plug and play. Moreover, flexible membership options mean you don’t just have to jump in at the deep end 5 days a week. Try 1, and see how you get on.

Cut out the distractions and get your focus back

Does the remote control for your television sit there looking tempting, or are you staring at the wall in front of you hoping for some motivation? You’re not alone. Doing the dishes, feeding the cat, or even just putting on the TV can take you away from your work. 

At Hubflow, much of our aim is to create an atmosphere that is creatively inspiring, ambient and has next to no distractions. You can see it when you walk through our doors; reams of people hyper focused on their goals and day-to-day tasks. It’s pretty outstanding how a new environment can radically change your motivation and efficiency.

WiFi holding you back?


There are few fouler feelings than witnessing your laptop as it takes 20 seconds to load up a webpage. This can be especially infuriating when you are trying to join a zoom call with a client, or watching a youtube tutorial for a problem you are facing.

Coworking spaces can provide ultra fast business grade wifi that never slows you down. You will find yourself seamlessly loading videos, uploading files, and joining zoom calls with zero loading times and crisp quality. 

You don’t have to work alone

When working from home, there is a feeling of loneliness that develops over time, and face to face human interaction can almost become a rarity while in the home office. The benefits of networking and face to face interaction don’t just serve building a client base, but being part of a community can just be…well fun. Networking events, breakfast days, wine and beer nights and more are excellent ways to make friends, form partnerships and much more. What more, having these connections can be valuable if you are facing a problem in your business, and that is where a community of like-minded professionals can step in with a solution.

While freelancing, it is important to note that you don’t have to do everything yourself. There is a community out there that has so many people in the same shoes as you. 

Before choosing to make the move from home working to co-working, take a look at the services and utilities that come with a good co-working space.

If you’re concerned that working from home is damaging your ability to run a business to the best of your ability, then book a tour at Hubflow or get in touch using the contact form below.

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