3 Ways Community Helps You and Your Business

Posted by Admin 09.09.20

Community is one of the most valuable assets for a business in the 21st century. With covid-19 reshaping the world of business, many of us have been forced to take the virtual route. Zoom has catapulted itself as a leader in video communication and has bridged the gap between working from home and the benefits of face-to-face interaction.

Zoom was founded in 2012, but it was not until 2020 that it found itself standing in the tech hall of fame

Thankfully, now bars are selling booze, clothing lines are back on the rails and coworking spaces are rebuilding their communities. However, at Hubflow we stayed open during the pandemic, as we believed working from home was simply not an option for a lot of people. Hence, supplying these businesses and people a covid-19 safe place to come and work was important for us.

However now we have one task on our mind, and it is the epicentre of what we try to do; to build on our Hubflow community.

Community is everything we do here. To provide an environment where collaboration and creativity is fostered is the greatest gift we can give our members. Here is why:


Firstly, networking is not just having a chat with a colleague and exchanging business cards. Networking is about building connections. It’s about opening opportunities and new avenues for your business to venture down. Additionally, it is about seeking help for your business’ problems or being the solution for others.

Why are video calls so important, and part of every business’ day to day practices? It’s because communication and collaboration is the anchor that stabilises every business.

For example, the Hubflow community is built to help and foster the growth of our members. As a member you will connect and collaborate with other members & companies to really develop your business & foster success.

More than a working space or virtual office, we foster a community of self-improvement at Hubflow. From networking sessions, conferences, seminars, and open forums our members have access to exclusive events without leaving the office. We want our members to grow with us.

Find Clients/prospects

You’re in Hubflow on a Monday. It’s the start of the week and you have a lot of tasks ahead of you. Whilst brewing your coffee you run into your coworking colleague Julie, and you proceed to explain your business and what you do (which in this case is graphic design). Moreover, Julie remembered that her friend was on the lookout for a promotional poster for her new business, and now she suggests you’re the person for the job.

Now we can’t guarantee lead generation will come about exactly like this, but scenarios similar to this happen all the time, and it is these connections that will consistently supplement your business with new opportunities and clients.

Ecosystem of collaboration

Part of our core is fostering a culture of collaboration. Why you ask?

Well, a few years ago, Business.com organised an eye-opening study that investigated the effects of a collaborative workspace on productivity, work-life balance and opportunities for collaboration. The results are as follows:

Certainly, having a larger business network is almost paramount to building success for yourself and your business. If 86% claim they have a larger business network, it begs the question “Are coworking spaces responsible for this?” Well according to this study, coworking spaces are the only significant factor. In other words, it is safe to say that coworking spaces offer a boost in productivity and networking alike no other.

Not only this, but in combination with enhanced productivity, coworking spaces can be transformational for your business’ success

In conclusion, long gone are the days of segmented cubicles. Now it is more attractive to work alongside individuals with different skillsets, experiences, and industries. It is because of this that coworking spaces have become a melting pot for new business ideas and breakthroughs.

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